20 Pictures That Prove Animals Like To Sleep In The Weirdest Places Possible

20 Pictures That Prove Animals Like To Sleep In The Weirdest Places Possible

I know that they do have bones in their back. But when it comes to especially cats, it is quite hard to understand how these animals managed to sleep in such weird positions. I am well aware that even some humans tend to have weird sleeping positions but I don’t think my back would be able to sleep like this without my spine being broken. If animals could talk, I would love to ask them what the reasoning behind their sleeping positions is.

From what I personally understand, you know how humans tend to get tired or feel strained when we sleep in a similar position for a few hours? Well, that happens to animals as well. However, since animals are much more flexible than us, they tend to change up their position a lot more and sometimes they end up half on a couch while the other half is on the ground. It might look weird when it comes to our human brains but for them, it is quite comfortable.

And you can see this in action by scrolling below.

1. This kitty fell asleep while in the middle of looking out of the window

2. What is more comfortable than sleeping on a puppy? The answer is nothing

3. How does this even work? I just don’t understand animals anymore

4. When you fall asleep while enjoying a good book

5. When you get tired when on a walk and decide to nap right there on the ground

6. Who needs a tissue when you can have a kitten?

7. Atleast the car is under some shade so I understand this little fox

8. Honestly, this is just straight-up adorable

9. I think the puppy was trying to drive the car but fell asleep halfway

10. Atleast the puppy looks quite comfortable in this adorably weird position

11. This seal clearly wanted a lie-down and chose this specific boat

12. My only question is why?

13. This is what it means to have breakfast in bed or is it the other way around?

14. I mean if any animal was going to be comfortable over a bunch of cactuses, it would ofcourse be a hedgehog

15. How or why did this squirrel fall into this cup? And why is he sleeping in there?

16. I think the blanket is supposed to be on the cat, but he might have gotten too warm

17. I would like to use this puppy as a keyboard now

18. This kitty clearly does not need any help getting down from this tree

19. I don’t care about your work, pay attention to me

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