30 Times Pet Owners Caught Their Pets Being Total Derps And It’s Hilarious

30 Times Pet Owners Caught Their Pets Being Total Derps And It’s Hilarious

Hello everyone! It’s Monday already and we are feeling tired and the energy is very low. What do we do every Monday to kill the boredom and Monday blues? We go through a list of our adorable furry friends to make our day better. Watching our four-legged furry friends doing the cutest and naughtiest things put a smile on our faces and nothing is better than that.

Today, we have a list of 30 pets who were captured by their owners being total derps and we are already in love with each one of them and we are sure you will be awestruck too. You will see a dog giving you a wholesome smile, an adorable cat turning into a little monster, a beautiful horse shire, a cute bunny out on an adventure and much more. So, what’s the wait? Scroll down and enjoy!

1. When both kitties have the plan to scare each other

2. When his human comes back home from work and he wants to show his derpy side

3. When you have got beautiful teeth, why not smile?

4. Mom, please, play with me

5. Sleeping on your human is the best thing you can get after adoption

6. When you look prettier than your human

7. She is busy watching her favorite movie

8. When she wants both of these

9. Chilling with her human

10. When you order his favorite food

11. Bake me, mommy. I will turn out to be the tastiest dish ever

12. When your doggo is a drama queen

13. When mom tells her a joke

14. When she is wrapped in the towel after a bath and someone enters the room

15. These are the times I really want to rub his tummy but refrain from doing so

16. When you tell him to smile for the photo

17. When he wants you to play with him

18. Surfing in the car with his humans is his favorite thing

19. When your human has taken a shower and her hair smells good

20. How dare you take my remote?

21. After waking up, I sit like this everyday and think about how long and tiring this day is going to be

22. When they have a plan to sneak out but mom comes into the room

23. Ignore my tummy. Just look at how my pose is

24. He is living his best life right now:

25. Momma, I don’t want to wake up

26. What a beautiful shire horse

27. Is it a cat, an owl or a ghost? We are not sure

28. I managed to snap this picture while tickling his tummy. He immediately went into play mode

29. Mom, I was hiding from you and you were supposed to find me

30. When you want to go hiking and can’t let your bunny at home

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