40 Funniest Photos In The 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

40 Funniest Photos In The 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Wildlife photographers are some of the most patient creatures on Earth. They can wait hours and hours on end in one position or even stay in one location for days just to get that beautiful picture of animals in their natural habitat.

Because of them, we all get these amazing glimpses of animals simply living their life without our interruption. Aside from those wonderful moments, however, wildlife photographers also put in all that effort to capture the lighter side of things in the animal kingdom aka the photo goofs.

A competition has even been dedicated to these goofy pictures: The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. It was founded way back in 2015 by professional photographers Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks.

The pair wanted to create a competition that focused on the lighter and more comedic side of wildlife photography. In addition to that, they also wanted to use humor to promote wildlife conservation.

This year, the competition is supporting the 'Save Wild Orangutans' charity which keeps wild orangutans in and around Gunung Palung National Park in Borneo safe.

They have also just announced their finalists and well, all the photos are just fantastic and judges are definitely going to have a hard time judging. Keep scrolling to check out these hilarious and adorable creatures.

1. Can somebody please open this freaking window?

2. Before and after a jug of coffee on a Monday morning

3. Our mood every Monday freaking morning

4. Gotta warm up for that opera performance tonight

5. Perfect selfies

6. Have a great trip wherever you go

7. Just checking if it's still there

8. The entire disappointment in this picture that summer's over speaks to our souls

9. Can't get it all to fit

10. Got on top of the world

11. Praying his brother doesn't end up crying so mom won't get mad

12. If you're happy and you know it...

13. Doing the opera while flying high

14. Those kids are going to get some ass-whooping from grandfather here

15. These little creatures are in quarantine as well

16. Sweet lips waiting for that perfect kiss

17. It's time to go home mister

18. Missed, hah!

19. Gotta get that perfect scratch

20. Had to call a giraffe uber after that party last night

21. What can you not love about baby elephants?

22. Uhm excuse me? Did I give you permission to take a picture of this gloriousness

23. No one's getting out of swimming lessons today young man

24. It's a dancing away to glory kind of day

25. Prepping for that barbecue deer dinner

26. Wanna fight me you big bird? Come on then, fight me. FIGHT ME

27. Let's do the samba

28. I love this tree with all my life

29. There's that one person in every family

30. Don't be shy. Show off that beautiful smile

31. This is the bald eagle, a majestic and graceful creature that is the king of the skies

32. Youchie

33. The perfect photo to accompany a "Don't worry. Be happy!" campaign

34. Care to join me for a bath here?

35. Peekaboo

36. Give us that sass

37. He's just a little bit shy

38. You can't strut with us

39. This smiling rope

40. I'm so done with this day and it hurts

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