45 Examples Of Animal Parenting That Prove Animals Are The Best Parents

45 Examples Of Animal Parenting That Prove Animals Are The Best Parents

Go ahead and ask any parent in the world how difficult the whole process of dealing with a newborn child is. They would probably start crying at first because that is where it takes you, and then would slowly start telling you in what ways is it difficult to deal with a child. See, that little one is so tiny that it barely knows anything that is happening around it, all it knows is to cry when it is hungry, cry when it wakes up, and cry whenever the hell it wants to. And when the babies start growing up, they start being more expressive, they run around, break stuff, demand stuff, scream, and so much more. You have to make sure you get through this hurdle but also without damaging the upbringing process, it really is for the legends this whole parenting process. But you have to credit all the mothers and the fathers of the world who just never give up and take upon this responsibility like a champ because parenting is not all about stress and baby cries, there are some wholesome and adorable moments too that make the parents forget about all the stress and motivates them to continue putting in the effort required.

Today we are going to look at some examples of parenting not related to humans, we will be seeing how good are animals when it comes to parenting. Yup, animals have babies and they go through the same process as humans, just with different inputs and outputs.

So here are some images of animals being parents and doing a really cute job,

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. Awe this Iguana family looks so adorable out on a walk on a nice breezy morning

2. Here you see two loaves of bread having some quality time together

3. Even when sleeping, a mother will always be on a lookout to keep its babies secure

4. Father carrying his responsibility on his back

5. Please tell me this is a dream and we will all just wake up and they will be gone

6. Some habits you just inherit

7. The little one cannot sleep without hugging Mummy’s tail

8. You watch mommy do what she is doing and then you repeat

9. Scenes from Okavango Delta, little Cheetah cub jumping on and around its mother having a really good time

10. Come on, Dad. Just two more minutes outside. It is snowing

11. Contemplating life choices

12. A father-children photoshoot that explains what parenting feels like

13. It feels like this mother had a dream of being in the Guinness Book of Record for having the most babies at one time

14. It does feel like mother has forced the little ones to “behave”, with a very loud meow, for a nice clean picture

15. Cat to us: You dare not laugh at my misery

16. I don’t think I have ever seen a moment this wholesome. You see nothing but love in all those eyes

17. They told me it would be a really “fun” experience. There is everything but no fun at all

18. Like father like son

19. The mother is fulfilling her responsibilities of motherhood even though she looks very tired

20. If this was anyone else, the Rhino would’ve flipped but they all melt when it’s their babies

21. The most comfortable spot in the world for any baby, mother’s back

22. Who said bears are aggressive animals? Look at this Mama being attacked with pure love by her cubs

23. Not often do you see the entire pack sleep so the mother can finally rest well

24. Baby bird looks so happy to be with its mother, they just look over the moon being together

25. Yall see what I have to deal with? Exactly, now go away

26. When you are loved by everyone around you and that’s a feeling you have never experienced before

27. A bond right in the palms

28. Have babies they said, it will be fun they said. It will also be very annoying, they never said

29. There is nothing more adorable than a mother and baby napping together

30. I feel like they had a fight and now one is waiting for the other to say sorry, classic cat behavior

31. When the kids want to do nothing but play all day long and you forgot to take that point into account before having a kitten.

32. 1…2..3…Oh my god I have lost count, please how do I force shut down this system

33. Yeah, it does get hectic at times but I love them with all my heart

34. Here you see an adorable image of little cuties playing with their mother

35. Parenthood is nothing but chaos as can be seen in this picture

36. The ink machine worked very differently for this parent when it came to having babies

37. Escaping the babies to rest in a quiet place

38. You see what I have to go through every day?

39. After focused and hard parenting, looks like the father is now out of his senses and needs nothing but a peaceful nap

40. Come on, Mom. It is time to play again

41. A perfect example of bonding, all the doggies snuggling each other as they sleep peacefully

42. Meet Mama Maybel who has been spending a nice, healthy life with her 3-week-old baby named Scout, who is one of four that she had at once, at the Goats of Anarchy Sanctuary

43. When the doctor gives you the news

44. Those eyes scream help and regret

45. I did not expect this many to come out

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