Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #114

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #114



1. I know I’m shocked too 😦

From @kaitlanwestfall

2. I’ll just take this 🙃

From @lola.kolodisner

3. Just taking a cow for a walk 🐮

From @wadebrynn

4. What plans? 🥺

From @ladyandtheblues

5. I feel you Penny 😫

From @pennythegingercat

6. Oh hello mam

From @katelyn.fletch

7. Amazing work Phil 👏

From @phil_theberner

8. Piggy not a fan of the vacuum 🙅‍♀️

From @poshlittleoinklets

9. Wakey wakey 😈

From @betty_and_bean

10. Poppy does a nice morning stretch ☀️

From @poppy_the_prairie_dog

11. Bears be wylin 🐻

From @splorin.lauren

12. Look at this lil guy 🥺

From @jesshenderson3

13. Birb catches a free ride

From mamaserrano

14. A very suspicious sable 🤨 

From @sablebuddy

15. The hops 😩

From @haleyanddunkin

16. The struggle

From @_littleclif

17. Maple the beaver gets a veggie and wood cake for her 5th bday 🥰

From @oregonzoo

18. Do be like that

From @booplethesnoot

19. That skid is so freaking adorable!

From @thecakinggirl

20. It’s a great day to have a great day ☀️🙃

From @nomadicmuva

21. Frankie watches himself😍

From @zoologistmitch

22. Just call him Chester

From @courtney.lewisx3

23. Say what? 🤭

From @ahealthypug

24. Come on in

From @bisousmorgan

25. Owner discovers her pup smiles when you cough 😂

From @megdufaultt

26. And that’s how silkie chickens are made

From @ilovechookens

27. Takoda takes a bath 🛀

From @oregonzoo

28. That boy ain’t right

From @p3ci33

29. The ramp for their lil legs

From @adam_christman

30. Kitty in action 😼

From @furryfritz

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