Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #126

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #126



1. Donkey loves his hooman

From @fortheloveofass_

2. Its a framer 🥺 

From @staffymilow

3. Hooman I am stûck

From @coe_coe_bean

4. Cloud puppo does a swing

From @asnowballstory

5. Doggo does a prison break

From @solange1028

6. Frenchie or T-Rex? 🦖🔊

From @raquel_malhi

7. I’ll save u fren

From @jazziee.jas

8. A nice stroll with some friends ☀️

From @vandiego.rico

9. Beware of doggo 👀

From @goldengirl_xena

10. Cronch cronch 🥒

From @griffinfrenchie

11. Everyone go give your dog a hug rn 🥺

From @oatiemeal

12. Oooh big stretch

From @vegastories

13. Ok this is too wholesome 😫

From @k_bubolz

14. Lil roo loves to cuddle 🥰

From @thekangaroosanctuar

15. Reuniting with the squad after weekend

From @birdsofoz_

16. Pls do the comb fren 🙏

From @leothecream

17. That cat has endured that multiple times

From @yasoncat

18. A photogenic boi

From @claudiopiccoliphotographer

19. Just two guinea pigs getting ready for bed 😴 

From @svenandsqueak

20. Get you someone who looks at you like this 🥰 

From @ohellohana

21. Sry mom 🤷‍♂️

From @k_bubolz

22. Absolutely not

From @isabellapannu

23.  Friday mood

From @scottyhubs

24. Cmon Jerry

From @real_brendanxa

25. The tub part 😹

From @marleymalin

26. Get this kitty some cranberry juice

From @yeti_ready)

27. Looking fresh

From @sonyakisa8

28. Me this morn😂😂

From  @shelbygilliss

29. Top of the morning to u☀️🦆

From @motherthemountain

30. Why the long face 🥴

From @nuggetkoh

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