Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #19

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #19



1. Tell it not to jump negotiate with it

From @Alejandram.94

2. Chopper’s face when he opened the door

From @tonychopper_thedoberman

3. couch = shield

From @ryanprater4

4. Does that count as a superpower?

From @good.boy.ollie

5. Everyone is addicted to the phones

From @jess_hindman


From @Chloe.aliya

7. He completely forgot how to dog. Buddy is fighting for his life


8. He didn’t mean it

From @sarkisii

9. He looks so proud

From @kyoneal_ @kyleekoneal

10. He was ready to have some fun

From @mypugmeimei

11. He’s locked and loaded


12. I really want to know what he was planning to do with a knife

From @thedeeckendogs

13. I think he claimed that energy


14. im actually crying

From @logan_wein

15. Jax gets so excited

From  @savannah.busby

16.  Last one was personal

From @isabelllajohnston @vlarocca17

17. I wish my dog got in the tub this easy

From @the_blueboys

18. she really went! The face omg

From @jindojourney

19. Smart pup. What a respectful little baby


20. Tag your ticklish friends

From @flowerandbros

21. That first dog is Snoop Dogg himself

From  thedogmoms

22. The way she looked in his room and screamed

From @officially.bruno

23. They’re definitely best friends

From _sydney_orr

24. This is too wholesome

From @tyree_cofield

25. Valid reason to stay home

From @raeeejessb

26. Ya think it’s a bird?

From @dingdangdelicious @brirmorganx

27. Dad: doesn’t want dog
Dad when family gets dog:


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