Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #22

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #22



1. They also chirp like little birds!


2. 1 hug warms 2 hearts

From @noteforself

3. Aww his eyes all excited his little widdle human has arrived 

From @kaylathefilipina

4. Bro pulled up with the whole squad…

From @leo.hemsley

5. Can't stop laughing


6. He was so excited

From @sarahjo99x

7. How dare you ask him to move!

From @anisa_uberuaga

8. I can't stop laughing y’all 

From @_layla_the_boxer

9. I lost it at the second dog

From @molly_marie94

10. I’m holding back tears, phenomenal.

From @urbancaninewpg⠀

11. I’m weak brah

From @ms_coral_cat

12. Next time check the weather BEFORE we head out

From @emilymbern

13. Polite young woman

From @xtinasexsmith

14. She’s so happy and pure… this is going to be amazing to look back on in the future

From @chasing.sage

15. I've never related to anything in my life so much

From @bengalsmowglibagheera

16. That jump tho


17. The king has spoken…

From orlandostravel

18. The little strut over

From winston_the_toy_aussie

19. The teeny hat

From @rogerthecavapoo

20. We don’t deserve dogs

From @alexcooperfrankford

21. We’re launching a full scale investigation

From @thelifeofdexter_x

22. What’s your dogs favorite “human” food?

From @WackDog_

23. when you help rearrange the desks in the classroom

From @macie.and.indy

24. You are the jury. Guilty or innocent?

From @taylorcroyle

25. Thank you hero


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