Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #28

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #28



1. she’s actually really good

From @itsjumalee @meliahmeas

2. does your dog like swimming?

From @nananeeof3

4. He is a cat… what am I missing here?

From mako_thecatdog

5. Let’s start the day right

From goldenbrook

6. Love this

From mattbaster

7. new sound unlocked: monkey noises

From @henrycolombi

8. Oh, so you understand me?


9. The hat part got me

From  @christopherxbush

10. The smile made me smile

From @tylerforest03

11. The video proof makes this 10x funnier and don’t worry, they get Ace down okay

From @vincematteson

12. They’re definitely best friends

From @_sydney_orr

13. This gives me so much peace

From @sliceofblisss

14. Who knew blankets liked popcorn this much

From @crazyanimalgirl79

15. Yep, tag em 


16. Always consult your vet first

From @kiwibugthepug

17. I just know he’s a football player

From @briidoza

18. Who else finds peace in their anxiety when they are with an animal?

From @katie.grissum

19. He can have attention from me

From @enkeithepug.ft.sanka)

20. He really started throwing hands

From @ashtyntodd

21. Buddy, that was gnarly!

From @annarogerson_

22. Sunnie the single dad

From @mikiforward

23. i love how he just ate it off his face

From @amandabarbier

24. me trying to eat healthy for a change

From @basic_bodie

25. Mitilda

From @pawfect.Penny

26. OH MY GOD!

From  @annacraver

27. That stretch!!! So smug!! He's like "yeah... 'but to get that grub"

From @drunkinandkirby

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