Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #3

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #3



1. can..can we just pretend that didn’t happen mom?

From @slp_mckittenboopz via TT

2. Pure love in any language. Shake it baby

From @dittawiggles

3. Amazing colors. Hummingbirds are so beautiful


4. And she meant it

From @sapphie_the_pomsky via TT

5. This is freaking adorable

And they say animals have no intelligence…. It may not be verbal like us, they can sense through other means

From @glen_and_honk via TT

6. Animals are so uncomplicated they just want love and kindness

From @kingbass1970 via TT

7. Baby penguins first step

From @bite.size.knowledge via TT

8. He DEMANDED another Zerbert! that was so adorable

From @tamarasbluechicken via TT

9. He’s having the time of his life

From @huesosrueda via TT

10. The second one tho lol

From TT

11. Huh? It's that little tongue for me lol

From @elloboooo via TT

12. I had no idea raccoons purr, SOO cute

From @macdougalzoo2 via TT

13. I think She chose you

From @tbone319 via TT

14. If the wall wasn’t there she would’ve flipped over the sofa

From @sapphie_the_pomsky via TT

15. In Russia, the bear hugs you

From @tom.bear.tom via TT

16. It’s a slay kinda day

From @animalzmemes via TT

17. Koala hamster beaver bear

From jessica_cu2 via TT

18. Not me sobbing over the lil goose

From @the.prickly.pear


From @pugloulou via TT

20. So freaking amazing!!! Beautiful job capturing this

From @bluelifewild via TT

21. That little slide to the side was it for me

From  @funnyanimals.004

22. The dog be like “it’s funny? U think it’s funny mom?”

From  @meetyoupet

23. The duck, "meh, ive seen bigger."

From  @oceanicexpeditions

24. THE LITTLE HEART NOSE. how gorgeous

From @lovedog3345 via TT

25. The way he chews on his paws

From @safarisammie via TT

26. There’s always time to dance with Jimmy

From  @ty_among_animals

27. Tree squirrel having a snack while balancing on her fence. I’m always amazed on how good their climbing skills are

From @angelinashortpics

28. Fantastic! When baby with animals be friend

From @kawai_nek0 via TT

29. When he started jumping

From @ineedthisbird via TT

30. That head turn is special! WOW that's absolutely wonderful

From @harrycollinsphotography via TT

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