Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #41

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #41



1. This dog is living his best life out in the rain!

From @nic.and.marion

2. A magnificent view of New York with a dog!

From @frankithebully

3. Baby lambs are the ultimate cute pet!

From @tammyywhite

4. Baby sea turtles just put the biggest smiles on people's faces!

From @aleksmutated

5. Dogs pay their respects as well!


6. Dogs seem to lead such simple lives and they seem to love every moment of them!

From @audriquill

7. He’s such a 'special' dog!

From @hankthegreatt

8. Proof dogs will drink anything and everything as long as it is liquid!

From @thelifeofbaileythegolden

9. The attitude is real from this husky dog!

From @louisthehuskyy

10. The dog vs. eggs challenge!

From @thegoodhypeoffical

11. The dynamic between these two dogs is heart melting!

From @jadehooperr

12. The puppy Alaskan Malamute is gorgeous looking!

From @hugo_themalamute

13. This cat absolutely loves human cuddles!

From @jovss

14. This cat has the ultimate hiding spot! Cold cat.. literally

From @niq & @lilysaraa

15. This cat HATES onions!

From @lenastanyeva

16. This cat is so adorable with its stuffed animal to sleep with!

From @mikaela925

17. This cat is so good at playing games!

From @lambo.Licia

18. This cat shows such authentic love!

From @mateygoesfishing

19. This dog has the most wolf-like features!


20. This dog will put a stop to this! Dobies are the best

From @ottoyeet

21. This dog's face made my day!

From @annabelle__kate

22. This dog's smile after she said good job!

From  @moose_therott

23. This stray dog that gets rescued is a tear making story!

From @marbarboyce

24. Who says dogs don’t understand us!?

From @kaitlyn_daughtry

25. The most adventurous house cat of all-time!

From @bigtunavan

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