Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #42

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #42



1. This dog just loves its stuffed animal toy!

From @isthisnemo

2. Getting a big cat stretch in!

From jessagal

3. And they say pit bulls are dangerous… Liars!!!

From @clutchkennels_

4. Bunny rabbit knows what's really good!

From @thebrekkiebuns

5. Cats always come calling when there are treats involved!

From @rozzabea

6. Could never be mad at this dog!

From @oliviaschmits

7. Doggo is just trying to get the treat no matter what!

From @t_raww83

8. Doggo is like, what is going on over here!?

From @onesmallchangeuk

9. Doggo loves his bushes!

From @thebernerbunch

10. From smol dog, to big DAWG!

From @geohurleyy

11. One of the most wholesome dog moments I ever did see!

From @lunatheminicockapoo

12. Puppies make human hearts melt!

From @megan_rotties

13. Puppy is not a fan of brushes!

From @minidoodlebentley

14. Seeing an owl move like this is disturbing and fascinating at the same time!

From @chantellefen

15. Such a darn lucky dog! Living a better life than most humans

From @jlower12

16. Such a well trained bulldog!

From @bondi_bulldogs

17. The way this dog distracts the cat is genius!

From @catvdub

18. This cat and human are meant to be together!

From @sky.genes

19. This cat's sudden realisation!

From @kittyboyandfriends

20. This dog is having the time of his life!

From @moosetherottie123

21. This dog is such a derp and it's the best thing I have seen all week!

From @frankithebully

22. This duck's tail wags!

From @lilquackheads

23. Two different dog best friends!

From @coupleofpaws

24. Two doggos being super duper wholesome!

From @camillesofia

25. You gotta love the love dogs have for humans!

From @epicaurora and @spencerderberner

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