Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #48

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #48



1. A mouse that lives in a house!

From George The Mouse

2. A puppy's innocence is such a wonderful thing to see!

From sarahclark85

3. Cats be like please come back later unless you’re bringing treats!

From @chokeurangel

4. Does your dog ever burp?

From @at_traineddogs

5. Doggo clearly having an amusing dream!

From @jordanjimmykane

6. Good vibes all round! I love ducks!

From @jess.s.morgan

7. Guinea pig is having a fun time!


8. Mama cat wanted to share her kittens with her humans!

From @ahoyymait

9. Millionnaire puppy!

From Jordan Gaias

10. Pure power from the doggo!


11. Seeing a pig and a goat play just made my darn day! What about you?


12. The dog's like "he a lil crazy but he feeds me"!

From @iamchepe

13. The way this dog wiggles!

From @bakerbarnes

14. There’s something going on there! Silly doggo!

From @daniii.tay

15. This Bambi baby deer is living the life!


16. This cat be like "Excuse me, can I help you?"


17. This cat loves looking in the mirror!

From @twosilverfloofs

18. This dog can jump!

From @bdoble24

19. This dog goes from sleeping to drinking!

From @jakeoconnor2

20. This dog's not budging!

From @michaela.friend

21. This sleepy water otter!

From @angeweinerr

22. Well now I’m scared! Crocodiles are scary!

From @gatorland_orlando

23. Why is this dog so cute!?

From @thebernerbunch

24. Why is this dog so funny!?

From @chowdergram618

25. You do as doggo says!

From @brickthestaffy

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