Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #5

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #5



1. Mort, not the feet!

From @imzaru.zaru

2. Man they drifting 360's

From @dogsg0go

3. Awww He missed and loves his Mom

From @theodorethemonkey

4. Boop!

Tiger: dramatically falls

From @brittneyandzion

5. Catnip reactions. The Hyena was a surprise to me

From @safarisammie

6. Chinchilla

From @animalplanetvideos

7. Good hoo.. solid 10/10

From @alaskaraptorcenter

8. Graphic designer here, he understands color theory better then the new monster high reboot series

From @kyras.creatures

9. Haha I love when they look down at the camera it’s the cutest faces ever

From @gamjamypotato

10. He saw his opening and he went for it

From @wildanimaal

11. Thats what happen when you hoard all the toys

From @ladyandtheblues

12. I can’t handle how cute this is. I watched it like 20 times

From @tamarasbluechicken

13. I loved the purring from when that one was eating the whipped cream.

From @safarisammie

14. I never realized how small leopards are compared to lions until I saw this

From @kaitlinthekeeper

15. It was a beautiful journey and Wendy did great becoming and being a mommy

From @goldenwhiskerscattery

16. Looks like a pouch, ima gonna try

From @straysulli

17. Momma bear is like “whatcha doing back there?”

From @meline.wildlife 

18. It’s called brotherhood

From @brittneyandzion

19. Only food reviewer I trust

From @thebrekkiebuns

20. So amazing that he got the opportunity to take this

From @ollenilssonen

21. Squishy! Hey there Georgie

From @chipmunksoftiktok

22. The guilt was written all over his loveable brown face

From @hjudflk

23. The leader was like, “ok, it’s safe, I found our new mommy.”

From @dorkyderic

24. The leg did it for me, then heard the wohoo and I lost it

From @bananathebird

25. The way her little ears move when she's nursing. I would do anything for her

From @heidiwranglescats

26. The wink at the end tho! They are so precious, I hope they live long & full lives

From @sharon_vanadia

27. This video, of pure love demonstrated, made my day. What a beautiful soul you are

From @moustache_farmer via TT

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