Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #53

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #53



1. Cats show love in the weirdest kinda ways! Lol.

From soleilmgarcia

2. Cats really don't like taking baths! Lol.

From abbie_644

3. Crocodile crossing in Florida!

From @rlshama

4. If only we could understand what this cat was saying! Lol.

From jandbsmommy

5. Is there anything cuter than a sleepy puppy?

From @ava.and.aspen

6. Is this dog being sleepy or just silly trying to avoid the question?

From @laperritabonitaroxie

7. I've never seen a dog more guilty!

From @itsashik_

8. My heart absolutely melts watching this puppy and cat be kind to each other!

From @alyssalauren

9. Ohhhh this dog is steady!

From @k_bubolz

10. Sometimes cats just do the darndest things!

From @asiaarnaldo

11. The deep eyes of this cat!

From @sandulsveta

12. The cat is in a mood! Lol.


13. The insane colors on these snakes!

From @diego_forn

14. These kittens just hanging out make my heart melt!

From michburk

15. These two doggos are so in-sync!

From @dani_pardos

16. This dog is just not having it!

From @jenna.sf_

17. This dog is shocked I tell you, shocked!

From @mattconrey1

18. This dog peeking round the corner!

From @dogtownva

19. This dog seems sooo suspicious!

From @daniii.Tay

20. This human and dog are such a cute couple!

From @bopp_to_the_top

21. This is what you call a "Velcro" dog!

From @iheartminiaussies

22. This is why sometimes owning a dog makes you say "This is why we can’t have nice things!"

From @scout.pawtrol

23. This puppy having the time of his life with his baby human friend!

From @kooperandkoda

24. This rescue baby raccoon i so cute!

From @kissinkaybarlow

25. Why does this puppy sound so much like Yoshi at the end!?

From @changalaaussies

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