Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #56

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #56



1. Daily dose of of dog “awooos”!

From @rodneyfbd

2. Dog go crazy dog go stupid!

From @morganwallendal

3. Dog money! Lol.

From @walshfamstl

4. Dog vs. egg! Lol.

From @gusthexlstaffy

5. Doggo is not just wagging his tail, but his entire body!

From @topforeignbullycamp

6. Dogs love a good hose down!

From @maddiedelor

7. Fluff puppy on a whole other level!

From @murphylee_newfie

8. Gorgeously handsome dog!

From @_syd_thomp_

9. HUGE snapping turtle, woah!

From @michaelfeiden

10. I guess you could say it’s gone to the lab for testing and the dog approves!

From @mrsbryan28

11. I need this animal in my life! What is it?

From @keren.butt

12. If hamsters were humans!


13. I'll take four of these cats, please!

From @jdubthegaymer

14. Life of a duck!

From @catherineharris_

15. Looking pretty fly for a dog guy! Lol.

From @scottyhubs

16. Play with this dog right now!

From @thebernerbunch

17. It's a call for attention!

From @lifeofbluandbella

18. Slow motion lizards! Lol.

From @maddie.Beale

19. That’s one way to get down the stairs... Dogs are so silly!

From @regandmeg70

20. The dog's evolution from puppy to full grown is adorable!

From @herchercules_

21. This cute puppy cuddling is everything!

From @claudiatyler_x

22. This dog is in love with his human!

From @luna_little_legs

23. This dog is just happy to be a part of it!

From @mollylewisphotography

24. Wait for the sheep to show up!

From @ge0rg1a_j

25. Who knew dogs and raccoons could be friends?

From @dracotheedobie

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