Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #71

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #71



1. That grrreat


2. I really did need to see a basketful of baby otters


3. Absolutely fuming. Lil guy said: “WHY I OUGHTA”


4. Nothing to see here. I just see a random boulder, no elephants here.


5. Absolutely no remorse whatsoever

From rjtheraccoon17

6. Best babysitter ever

From @rugged_acres_adventures

7. Delighted giggles

It’s the “hee hee hee hee” for me

From chrissieladale22

8. DOGGO MAKING BISCUITS! Working part time at the biscuit factory 🥰

From @tchief_the_black_gsd

9. He’s the chosen one

From @mychaldanae

10. His little waddle 🥹 I love the sounds Guinea pigs make!

From nicola_newzealand

11. If not friend, why friend shaped?

Omg that is literally a teddy bear

From liam.nequado

12. Sorry, dad 🙄 He’s like, “You know what? I’m done… do it yourself”

From kivka.disavideos

13. It’s a hot bear summer

From victease

14. Living their best lives fr

From elisabethkolkman

15. No one ever said he was the most coordinated fella

From @drogodaiggy

16. Oh to be a bear cub frolicking in a meadow 🥹

From @backpackingbrothers

17. Please give him his privacy! Be a deer and knock next time.


18. She’s so responsible. The way she looked at all of them before barking 🤣

From @coufra38

19. SMOL 

From hedgerowfarm20

20. Tell him hi back 👇 He wants to help cook


21. The dude going after the clubs is braver than all of us

From amritmohammed7

22. They’re on a very important mission

From @worcshop01542

23. They're like this: 🤝

From @owen.unruh

24. This DID cheer me up! Golden retriever bangs

From @kenziecalvert_1

25. What’s he grilling? 👇

Wait, wait wait...are those her cubs climbing the tree back there?😂

From lucassorensen59

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