Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #73

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #73



1. How did we end up here

When you lied on your resume but got the job anyway


2. Eating trash & sinning: my 2 fav things


3. Best exterminators in the business

It's like one of those sticky hands except it can love you back

From lilothechameleon

4. Crabby patty irl


5. Besties for the resties

From r.krueger10

6. Dad: 1
Bear: 0

New dad lore dropped

From @makkyyb

7. Disney princess irl

From @jchoumane

8. Dolphin zoomies

From emmadelaney4

9. He flop

From peterandsquish

10. He just wants to fix the soup!

From @ceylanhannah1

11. He’s keeping Chippy safe

From @_geeeemini_

12. His neck’s a little short but we’ll let it slide

From shmerika

13. I’m forseeing a Romeo and Juliet situation here

From @kaitlyntan

14. Kids will be kids

Think the sheep feels like he’s getting a free message?

From ayella.onmyfarm

15. Man: 1, Bear: 0 

The driver was bearly even fazed…

From @ring

16. Me and who?

From laughhard__

17. My toxic trait is I would keep all of them

From @kimberleybulmerjobe

18. Oh to be a moose frolicking in the sun. Family trip to Walmart

From @sharing_alaska

19. Suddenly I’m wide awake

From @emmasanimals2023

20. The question is who conditioned who?

From @visitwells

21. The shock I experienced when an actual giraffe popped up 😭

From @toni.rafferty

22. This is your sign to compliment every Asian Water Monitor you come across

From @jasonkpargin

23. Yes I’m working….. Working on myself 🥱


24. You have been chosen

From @ramblinbirdie

25. You wanna see some real speed?

From @24k_korleon

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