Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #75

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #75



1. One can dream. Like a little Ferdinand!


2. She's a fancy girl


3. Nothing to see here, just a completely normal morning

From  ac_in_asana

4. It's the perfect name


5. Some tapir scratchies for your Monday 🤩

From @pairidaizaofficial

6. Beware of the vicious barn cat 😳

From edits.rch

7. Ginuwine’s best backup dancer

From debrahowell68

8. First of all how dare you

From 615_to_the_farm

9. If y’all see Chan walking around the next few days you know why

From a_mandabear

10. Windshield wipers: ON

From dawgmemes

11. Surprise shawty!

From @andreja.elena

12. Fennec fox zoomies for your Sunday evening 🥹

From @beduthefox

13. It’s his big finish

From steves_monologue

14. I still can’t tell who screamed 😭

From @colteasy

15. The little hop 🥹. That hop is everything


16. They’re all innocent!

From bramble_button_and_bean

17. His face at the end 🥹

From raventreeranch

18. Omg I love your work 🤩

From _howtop_

19. 👁️👅👁️Ok. That was too cute!


20. It’s snack timeeee

From shyann996

21. She’s absolutely TUNED IN

From @goldensoleil

22. Best crossing guard!

From andreyf810

23. New MV alert??

From @drchrisbrown

24. He looks so bonita! How the ears adjusted <3

From @phillychinchilly

25. There’s a new mama duck in town

From mynameissarahs

26. The squeaking 🥹

From whiskerweather

27. Tbf I also thought they’d charge the car

From @marisahyazbek

28. Bless you

From scubadan_

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