Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #76

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #76



1. He’s begging to be let out


2. He holds the world's deepest secrets


3. He’s very good at his job

From @joeydickson

4. Thank you for your service 🫡


5. Sometimes all you need is an otter wishing you a happy friyay 🥰

From @pernie.roos

6. This is who they really are

From @stephaniewilsie



8. Side eye. “If I stand still, she can’t see me right?”

From @teddyboycocker

9. Everyone say good job Billy!

From mickelllyn992

10. LINDA!

From @kenna.buchanan_

11. I also beg for cheese at 1am every night

From @basilthepossum

12. Just bring the cow home and they can be besties

From @itscuriouscharlie

13. Imagine getting a swift kick to the gut 😭 

From roodady

14. Hit the brakes. He ran off and took my heart with him! ❤️

From @jendowe

15. Me walking into work today after a holiday

From xtra.shii

16. He’s just making sure the product tastes good

Animal testing.
🦎: this is excellent

From plovepie_

17. It’s just one of those mornings

From @sanantoniozoo

18. No thoughts, head empty


19. Tag yourself, I’m the ducks

From @mellifexfarm

20. Vicious dog attack caught on camera 😳love this pup

From @adventuringwithnala

21. Happy Saturday 😁

From @paradisewildlifepark

22. He just wanted a little midnight snack


23. Accurate representation of how chaotic my Monday already is

From @purrfect_shenanigans

24. He’s enjoying his freedom

From @mackd3

25. It’s much harder than untangling TV wires

From goatdaddys

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