Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #79

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #79



1. Zhu Zhu Pets zoomin


2. Mind if I grab that?

From @nicocapone.comedy

3. Lol same. I am the octopus 🐙 the octopus is me

From @the_reef_doc

4. Being cute takes time ok!


5. Rats deserve a little cookie as a treat too

From @savvy.beans

6. That’s enough outta you

From @poshlittleoinklets

7. Cutest reindeer I’ve ever seen

From @happyhensandhighlands

8. Some day I hope to see a real snow camel

From @ranchogrande_ojai

9. The offering is not up to her standards

From redthesquirrel

10. So happy for Cutter

From @clemetzoo

11. All mines

From redcreekwildlifecenter

12. How excited I am for Christmas

From @krull_farm


From mono_kata

14. The smile 🥹

From @theeggcarrton

15. Midnight pool party

From @unknowndazza

16. Ten cents? What am I, made of money?


17. Just as I suspected…. I didn’t 🤨

From @lubeebatconservancy

18. Another one, thank you

From nwiqa9

19. It’s the perfect Christmas gift!

From ottbjumper

20. Wombat scratchies

From @tasmania

21. As his lawyer, I demand you give him more peanut butter

From beedodge

22. Oh to be a cute lil capy getting some scritches

From @darkwingswildlife

23. He’s living in LUXURY

From @ashley_deanna_s

24. He said “lemme make sure you get our good sides”

From voyageurswolfproject

25. No such thing as too big to play

From @woodstocksanctuary

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