Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #80

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #80



1. Lil baby dragon!


2. He's hella studious


3. That was literally the cutest sneeze I’ve ever seen

From vieandluna

4. You must surrender your belongings to the ferret gate


5. Omg and they all have the best names ever

From @thegentlebarn

6. Everyone thank Private Seal for his service 

From @gulsahasena

7. She tried to take matters into her own hands

From ellegreene2018

8. Ugh, FINE! I’ll scooch over

From ashleeanne14

9. When you leave out cookies for Santa, don’t forget some moss for the reindeer

From @joshuanueva

10. Is Australia even real?

From sofiejensdatter

11. He’s about to catch himself a new best friend 

From zayas_mama

12. I like ya cut G 🤝

From evign__

13. They’re off on a quest!

From galen_eats

14. They all look gorgeous to me!

From @julia.littlelightningnature

15. Donkeys are like “Ugh not again 🙄”

From  @petmomager

16. Hey I’m walkin here!

From @critterbrain

17. It’s too early to think


18. He’s their new best friend

From thenoblegoat

19. He immediately put them to use

From @nikki.den.boer

20. Thanks for the invite but I gotta go 😳

From @loulouminidachshund

21. You mind if I make myself comfortable?

From @coloricats

22. He understood the assignment!

From @sincerelykaraaa__


From @dochithehedgehog

24. I’ll just take that until you can control yourself 🤨

From @naomiblk

25. Lil Sebastian would also solve all of my mental health issues tbf

From cannedch3rries

26. You got games on your iPad?

From shuuuridan

27. Most chaotic thing I’ve ever seen

From angablina

28. What’s a pancake? 🤨

From sparkyandclark

29. Waffles and Reggie are the definition of frenemies

From @wafflesandchickentheduo

30. I’ve never seen a koala walk before but this wasn’t what I was expecting

From sziaeva

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