Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #81

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #81



1. Second one did a great job of defusing the situation

From notdeadjames


From fuffyferrets

3. I would actually pay 10k for these pics

From @sandiegozoo

4. Gotta make sure your friends get fed too


From gideonthedachshund

5. Are you seeing this? Ok good

From @pawsitive_beginnings_inc

6. The way he hugged his leg 🥹

From brionymast

7. This is also the only reason I get up in the morning

From @jazs.pets

8. He’s a model passenger

From alexgleaden

9. Lol same

From @pernie.roos

10. Chonk alert

From @woburn_safari

11. Homie was training with Master Splinter down there 😳

From @muz.ter

12. Let’s just focus on “Helthy feline” shall we

From @house_of_six_cats

13. She looks so shocked at the news

From @lithiumshawtyy

14. This is absolutely unacceptable 🙄

From @ludwigthelop

15. I believe that’s just a little baby

From kd5.0

16. Not a single thought behind her eyes

From @marley_aussiepaws

17. 5 day weekend it is! 🥳


18. Me at 6:01 waiting for the Thanksgiving meal I was promised at 6:00

From beccyehahn

19. Ok I like it, Picasso

From cookie_the_cat_slay

20. Try me bro

From @__veryconfused

21. You can run but you can’t hide

From ibeennerfed

22. This is the best guest news anchor I’ve ever seen


From @the.independent

23. I work in the wrong office

From roodaddy

24. And thus began the first ever game of beluga fetch

From remyeasterling

25. It’s Bambi and Thumper 🥹

From matteyasaurus

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