Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #90

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #90



1. The happy tail wag 🥺🎶

From @itsdougthepug

2. Well where WAS Jeepers

From @yeehawllywood

3. Squirrel dad life 🐿

From @peanut_the_squirrel12

4. Escape artist no more 😏

From @scouty_lou_themini

5. “My favorite tool at the shelter” 😂🐈

From @thepageandwhisker

6. His favorite day 🥺❤️

From @ishaan_chatterjee

7. No I don’t think I will 🙃

From @whighamclark

8. A paid actor for sure 😂

From @itsmaryfrann

9. This is quality 😂🦆

From @lilquackheads

10. pov you just saw someone across the room open a pack of gum 🦭💨 

From  @jessleedb

11. Genius life hack

From @ashers_camps

12. He has places to be 🏎💨

From @globojay

13. Which Harry Potter movie was this from again?

From @percy_the.pigeon

14. Need sugar glider hugs immediately

From @missmayim

15. Ok I pull up

From @prairiechuck

16. This is what all Brooklyn hipsters look like

From @billhawthornephotography

17. That IS mysterious… 😳

From @tuesdaybrunch

18. Last clip is me

From @beccaamylouise98


From @ferretdaddy_

20. Can’t think of anyone more deserving of a smiley face balloon

From @chinpals

21. Do we think this cat is real yes or no? 

From @loki_maine_coon_of_mischief

22. This beat is sick

From blacksmoke1033

23. My ideal seat neighbor

From @kingmickeygtm

24. Just try getting rid of him

From haydenkristal

25. God I wish that was me


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