Here Are 25 Animal Photos That Will Bring You All The Joy You Need For This Week

Here Are 25 Animal Photos That Will Bring You All The Joy You Need For This Week

I don't think I'll ever be able to understand how some people could ever dislike animals. They're just so adorable that just looking at them will make your heart melt.

It's just about their cuteness either, they're also the cuddliest things on the planet. There's no better way to remove stress and relax than by cuddling up with your pet on a couch.

Animals are the most precious things in existence and they deserve to be protected by humans at all times. It is the least we could do for them considering just how much they do for us.

No matter how rough your day, or even your week, was, you can always go through some adorable animal pics and you're going to feel much better. I think we all have a special place in our hearts that's reserved just for animals.

I'm aware that not everyone likes animals and I guess I can understand why that is, but all I'm saying is that you have to give them a chance. Maybe you don't want to get a dog because they're harder to take care of but you can always start small with a hamster or a turtle.

Having any type of pet is bound to improve your life, and I hope these pics are just what you need to motivate you to adopt a pet.

1. This adorable golden retriever is enjoying some pool time

2. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. My heart is melting for Eevee

3. Who knew baby owls were this cute?

4. How could anyone resist this adorable wink

5. Such a powerful couple catto

6. How to find your cat that's been hiding

7. This hedgehog has fangs like a vampire

8. This dog might be turn into Venom soon

9. You couldn't ask for a better wedding photo

10. This cat looks like it's holding a little machine gun

11. Caught the big guy red-handed

12. I know which towel I want

13. This adorable dog is having a birthday party and everyone's invited

14. Kitty is mad because you're not giving her the attention she deserves

15. I don't know what to look at, her belly or the ears?

16. A statue made in honor of this magnificent cat

17. This adorable pup looks straight out of a Disney movie

18. Such majestic colors on this fox

19. This is what it's like volunteering at a puppy daycare

20. He's so looooong now

21. This little guy ate too much strawberry jam and took a nap in the middle of this store

22. This little pup makes a sad face when you pass the park.

23. The golden ratio pup

24. Find someone who looks at you like this pup looks at his new owner

25. Say hi to Samantha, the birthday girl from the first pic

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