This Man Designed A Purrfect House For His 20-Plus Rescue Cats

This Man Designed A Purrfect House For His 20-Plus Rescue Cats

It is likely that if you own a cat, you are familiar with the feeling of trying to make your cat feel comfortable in your home. It’s possible that you’ve also fantasized about building a cat house for your cat. Peter, the founder of ZenByCat and the architect of this incredible kitty paradise, has slowly but steadily realized a lifelong dream: he has built a house dedicated solely to cats and nothing else.

Every square inch of his home is a cat’s paradise! It’s not just a cat’s fantasy, but it’s also a cat owner’s dream. Peter has rescued over twenty cats and has provided them with a loving environment in which to live. Peter came to the realization that cats are territorial. They require a safe haven where they can live without fear of being attacked. So, this is exactly what he created. What you’re about to see in this article is a place built for cats where they can have everything they would ever need!

1. There is also a hamster wheel. For cats

2. These cats also enjoy having their own blankets and pillows

3. Even the bathroom is filled with fun

4. Peek-a-boo

5. Peter has made sure that the cats have food anytime they want

6. All these cute places for an endless amount of fun

7. Look at me! I’m on top of the world

8. There are even back scratchers everywhere

9. Meet Peter, the originator of “The House of Nekko”

10. This house is designed to keep the cats entertained all the time

11. He transformed his whole house into a cat house, and the results are ahh-adorable

12. There’s a cat house, INSIDE A CAT HOUSE

13. Peter added all these plants to give cats an outdoorsy feeling

14. Peter’s non-profit foundation, ZenByCat, was discovered to be fighting a dangerous condition known as FIP, or Feline Infectious Peritonitis

15. Cuddles for life

16. There are even separate compartments for food so that there is never any fighting

17. That looks like a comfortable place to sleep

18. WEEEE!! Catch me if you can

19. Every inch of his house is covered with activities for cats

20. Peter has done an amazing job making these cats feel at home

21. Is that the most comfortable seat in the world or what?

22. Is this a dream cat house or what?

23. His house is where cats have the time of their lives

24. MEOW! That FIP warrior poster in the background is so heartwarming

25. Those are paw-adorable, paws

26. Peter was thoughtful enough to add high grounds for his cats

27. There are spiral staircases everywhere

28. All these hugs and cuddles

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