10+ Adorable Friendships Between Cats And Dogs

10+ Adorable Friendships Between Cats And Dogs

Although they have the proverb: “Fight like cats and dogs”, but reality proved otherwise. That ongoing conflict between cats and dogs is just our imagination. These animals actually get along really well. The cross-race love is real. Scroll down to look into our list of proofs. Maybe one day that proverb will no longer be valid, right?

1. Hug each other closely even in sleeps

2. Together forever

3. Can’t let go

4. Get used to the cuddles

5. Group hug

6. Expressing love

7. Looks like a fine duo

8. Kitten-sitter

9. Share their sleeps

10. Loved your ears

11. Double the fluffiness

12. Best snuggle buddies

13. He loves his friend’s fluffy coat

14. Such a tight hug

15. Tell me who did you wrong

16. Share the pillow

17. The best way to say “I love you”

18. Being playful

19. Taking naps together

20. Can we be alone for a while?

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