20+ Dog Who End Up Being Shamed Online Because Their Naughtiness Is Too Cute To Handle

20+ Dog Who End Up Being Shamed Online Because Their Naughtiness Is Too Cute To Handle

Every dog wants to be a good boy but sadly that’s not exactly how they often behave. Energetic, bubbly and cheerful, these high-spirited doggos are seriously gifted troublemakers who know no shame when it comes to driving us crazy as well as bringing chaos and headaches into our lives. However, that’s also one of the reasons why we couldn’t help adoring and loving them. Weird, isn’t it?

r/dogshaming is a Reddit community where people share hilarious stories about their naughty dogs and to be honest, there is no way we could blame such innocent, adorable faces even after everything they have done. If you are a dog pawrent, you can see yourself somewhere in the messy pictures we’ve collected below for sure, just scroll down and check them out:

1. I was minding my own business when the screen door just EXPLODED! I’m lucky to be alive

2. Mom I know I destroyed your matchbox but look at how cute I am

3. When Mom refuses to buy chew toys that you destroy in days, so you improvise

4. It’s time to trader her in for a new one

5. At the dog park some older people bring their own fold up chairs

Buster here decided to pee on a really nice guy that was probably in his 70s. The man got up quickly but fell over. He was fine but I was so ashamed I apologized and didn’t come back for 3 weeks

6. She knows what she did was bad

7. Adorable dumbass

8. The culprit vs the crime

9. After numerous other opportunities this is where he HAD to poop

10. Destroyed her own bed and didnt say anything when we blamed the puppy

11. I’m not even sorry

12. He tore down the whole green garden fence that took forever to put up

13. She just looks guilty, flowerbeds ruined

14. Stayed like that for half an hour… sly

15. I was just harvesting it for you

16. Dog mom > plant mom

17.  Sorry mom!

18. He deserved the tummy ache

19. Hazel uncorked a bottle of mead so she and her brother could lick it up

20. She likes to snack on walks

21. Dog didn’t like the new sign

22. He has no regrets

23. Got into dad’s smoker grease bucket. Pouted all through her post-grease fest bath to get it all out of her head fur

24. Kuma was a bad boy while my sister was out of town. Guilty face on point

25. She thinks she improved this sign, what do you think?

26. Less than 5 minutes after being given the new squeaky bee

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