Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #17

Funny Animal Videos Will Cheer You Up #17



1. Mike the situation?

From  fetchfamilypetresort on TT

2. Oh then here we go


3. The both looked back like so u ain’t gon help us?


4. True story of dis weekend. Guess my broke hooman need to get my own puppy pool 

I learnt about salt water poisoning after this weekend. Luckily, both Maui and ruby got recovered the next day. But please remember to bring plenty fresh water and encourage doggos to stay hydrated when they swim in the ocean

From @maui_thegoldenpup

5. 15 no 28 no actually 72

From @dustinpup

6. A bite of love, Give this cutie a love


7. And still going


8. Cutest hitch hiker!


9. Funniest


10. Digging for treasure

From @yellowlabmarine

11. don’t feed him after midnigh

From @screechollie

12. He’s falling behind on orders

From @tt0niann

13.  I really thought the leash was in my hand as I took the video of the waterfall. Luckily, she doesn’t actually like waterfalls so she came right back.


14. If you were wondering how I spent my 8th birthday, it was me doing whatever I wanted and what I wanted was to play dead

From @lord_le0

15. I'll just take the spoon too

From gxm74

16. it’s a hard life being Noodle

From @noodletheminisausage @tildeand

17. It’s always a great day when you get to see an alligator!


18. Just an adorable video of a baby Ellie, it's just too cute. Oh how beautiful our world is because of the elephants.

From @r_daps

19. Looks fun


20. Me during a presentation

From  @zbeelyy

21. Morning cuddles be like…


22. Panda or dog?


23. "Personally, I can't let that slide."

From @linamariecg

24.  Sometimes it takes a few shots to get the perfect shot 

From @kaiserstheshepherd

25.  they’ve had this conversation before

From @kelly_bove @jasonbankscomedy

26. This is so wholesome

From helperdognala

27. This is the puppies way of asserting dominance


28. Thorns may hurt you, man desert you, sunlight turn to fog. But you're never friendless ever, if you have a dog


29.  When the girls are away, the boys will play!!


30. Who's gonna tell him lol

From @baileyakeller

31. who would like to see Boomsie and Brodie being carried together?

From @boomer_the_landcloud

32. Here babe, I got us thousands of dollars in vet bills


33. He trips on the way back in

From @sky._the_corgi

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