Funny Animal Videos Will Make Your Day Better

Funny Animal Videos Will Make Your Day Better

1. When you realize it’s FRIDAY

From Podjamard C

2. Judgy Cat is not a fan of pet tricks, that looks like much fun!

From thepetcollective

3. We’ve a hooman in cat form

From TT

4. It’s the elixir of the GODS

From TT

5. Clingy? ME? Nah

From Bo M.

6. THIS is why you need to study!

From Tricia O

7. When you hit a new level of hangry

From Kate O

8. I’m not touching you

From @cory_ironside_sly

9. We’re calling it: Album of the Year


10. This Super Sorry Dog Apologizes With A Big Hug


11. When your fish wakes up on the wrong side of the tank


12. The guilt on their faces is HILARIOUS

From @hospiceandme

13. I’m making waffles

From Leah E

14. This angsty dog does not want to be a big sister

From thepetcollective

15. This is how we feel on Earth Wind And Fire

From Ryan K.

16. Not many people know rabbits are exactly barbers

From Abby E.

17. And the award for cutest high-five goes to

From Adriane S

18. We’ve had our coffee and we’re ready to roll

From Bridget T

19. We are freaks for fall foliage


21. Spooky Season is upon us


22. He’s stopping them to ask about their car’s extended warranty

From Bianca K

24. Telling everyone why we are excited for National Dog Week like


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