30 Best Golden Retriever Memes of All Time

30 Best Golden Retriever Memes of All Time

Golden Retrievers have taken over the internet with their sweet and friendly attitude, especially their flashy golden smile!

In this article, we will share with you some Golden Retrievers memes that we collected from the internet world.

1. Wake me when its Fri-yay

2. I love you

3. Better hurry

4. Now what?

5. I work so hard so my dog can have a better life

6. For my Yorkie

7. Finally

8. Majestic Golden Retriever puppy

9. Chocolate dipped Golden Retriever

10. We really need to talk...

11. Beware

12. Maybe I can taste it

13. How about my butt?

14. What do you mean

15. Wednesday?

16. Convinced yet?

17. Prettiest girls

18. Right there

19. Please don't eat the last bite...

20. They're best friends

21. I found the ball

22. So I helped you finish the cookies

23. Please explain

24. What do you mean..

25. What will?

26. Oops

27. ..open the front camera

28. I really really really really like you

29. Coffee kick in

30. I said I wanted to go for a walk

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