Funny golden retriever takes his time warming up to new baby

Funny golden retriever takes his time warming up to new baby

Golden retrievers are known to be some of the best dogs around. They are definitely a family dog as they are reliable, kind, intelligent, trustworthy, and friendly — what’s not to love? It definitely sounds like the perfect kind of pup to have around, especially if there are children in the house.

This hilarious video of a family’s golden retriever was uploaded just earlier this month and has already gone viral with over a million views, and it is easy to see why.

The golden retriever who is named Bailey was filmed as she was relaxing in her family’s living room. Then a family member thought it would be a fun idea to use this opportunity to introduce Bailey to baby Zlata for the very first time.

“This is not our baby, haha! Baby is our niece and Bailey is her new best friend,” they shared.

As the dog is relaxing, the man walks over with Zlata and begins to gently pet Bailey, almost as if to prep her for the beautiful friendship that is about to form.

But there’s a plot twist.

Instead of immediately getting excited over the baby, Bailey kind of does the opposite and turns her head the other way to rest it on the couch’s armrest. She seems completely uninterested as if she wants nothing to do with the adorable baby.

Then the man tries to get Bailey to notice what’s going on by petting her, making sounds, and gesturing her over. Bailey wants nothing to do with it.

Meanwhile, baby Zlata smiles and patiently awaits the pup to realize just how adorable she is.

Here’s the funny part: As time goes on, Bailey slowly but surely inches closer and closer to Zlata.

Bailey is definitely taking her time but she is making moves. Just… You know, being extremely slow about it.

But we get it, right? Because you can’t be too sure. You can’t trust anyone. Not even if you are a sweet dog with a sweet family who is being introduced to a sweet baby.

Bailey has her guard up and we can’t blame her — this is clearly a very threatening situation! (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

Just when you think Bailey is getting closer, she begins to inch further away from the man and the baby. But then he manages to bribe her with belly rubs and she rolls over with no problem.

Then she stares at the man and the baby right in the face, almost like she’s saying, “Do I have to?” To which then the man takes hold of her paw and gets her to shake the baby’s hand.

It is such a pure and cute moment, our hearts are screaming!

About halfway through the “meeting,” baby Zlata grows impatient and we can’t blame her. She begins to rub her eyes and cry. It makes sense that she’s tired, she has been waiting so long for this dog to give her some attention!
But then the man makes some funny noises with his mouth and she is back and ready to go again. It doesn’t take much to impress babies, that is for sure!

For another two minutes or so, the man tries really, really hard to get the dog to budge. All he wants is for Bailey to just give the baby a little bit of attention, and it’s crazy to see just how long it took Bailey to finally give in!

See how the rest of the meeting goes in the hilarious video below.

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