Photographer Takes Magical Photos Of Her Fluffy Samoyed Dog In Nature

Photographer Takes Magical Photos Of Her Fluffy Samoyed Dog In Nature

Meet Nikol Kopp, a Czech photographer who has a passion for taking beautiful and dreamlike portraits of animals, especially dogs. She loves to capture photos of her best friend, a Samoyed dog named Herriet.

Here are some photos of Herriet in nature that were captured by his mom. These awesome pics will inspire you to always keep adventuring, believe in yourself, and follow your dreams. Scroll down to check for yourself

“Since I was a child I loved animals,” Nikol told us. “My biggest dream was to have a dog”. In 2017 this dream came true. My lovely Samoyed Herriet finally arrived to my home and changed my life and everything started!”

1. Today is a happy day for me

2. Enjoy the sound of the ocean

3. Gotta catch it too

4. Paws up, enjoy the sun

5. Tongue out, enjoy the view of wild flowers

6. Mom took photos for us

7. Morning next to the lighthouse

8. In the middle of the wood

9. Take nice photos, and treats are coming to me soon

10. Umm, hi there

11. Roses, I love roses

12. Today will gonna be a great day

13. Love it

14. Hi the sun

15. We went to the lake today

16. Pictures right at the middle of the road

17. Let's go, and explore the city

18. A bright side of me

19. Enjoy the flower field

20. Just a Samoyed love flowers

21. Tongue out, and love flowers everyday

22. I made a pose, you take a photo

23. In the wild

24. Me having fun every time I go out

25. All light turn on, the night is here

26. When I was a pup, I love snow a lot

27. Treats, yummy treats are coming

28. This tree smell so good guys

29. Be serious, as mom's request

30. Be with the nature

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