Shiba Inu Who Always Ruins Group Pictures Goes Viral

Shiba Inu Who Always Ruins Group Pictures Goes Viral

Every new pet parent goes through that phase when they can’t stop taking pictures of their pets and sharing them with their friends. Most pets just look so adorable in pictures that we, pet parents, can’t resist showing them off to our friends. It seems that just like us humans, not all pets are created equally as photogenic. This Shiba Inu, for example, ruins all the group pictures with his canine siblings but somehow manages to do it in the most adorable ways possible.

Being photogenic doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with being good-looking. A person (or a pet in this case) can be just as beautiful as others in the picture, and still not look nearly as good as them in it. Well, at least we people can ask the rest of the group to retake the picture until we get a decent result.

One pet parent fro Hong Kong began posting pics of her pack of four adorable Shiba Inus; Kikko, Sasha, Momo, and Hina, when people started noticing that one of them seems to photobomb each and every photo. There’s almost no picture on the woman’s Instagram account that catches the white pooch, in a flattering pose. With that said, there’s no doubt that he’s one of the most handsome Shiba Inus we’ve ever seen.

Hina the hilarious Shiba Inu ‘ruins’ all the group pictures with his brothers, but it seems that the Instagram community doesn’t seem to mind it much. Quite the contrary. The Instagram account boasts more than 107k devoted followers, and most of them are there primarily for Hina’s hilarious photobombs.

We collected some of Hina’s best photobombs so you won’t have to waste your time looking for them, enjoy!

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