12 Sassy Cats That Couldn’t Care Less And It’s Hilarious

12 Sassy Cats That Couldn’t Care Less And It’s Hilarious

As a cat owner, you’re probably already aware of how devious these little feline animals can sometimes be. In another universe, “Loki” from Marvel may be the “God Of Mischief,” but in the real world, it is unquestionably cats. The small balls of mischief have the ability to absolutely demolish anything and everything that comes their way. While these behaviors may appear to be humorous to those who are not familiar with cats, those who are familiar with them understand how tremendously tough it is to care for these tiny creatures!

Make no mistakes though, as there is no way you can prevent your little kittens from wreaking havoc around your household. Supervised or not it makes no difference to these little devils they will fulfill all their destructive desires to the fullest extent with no remorse whatsoever. But who can even stay mad at these little ones for long? One look at their adorable fuzzy little faces and all your anger and annoyance at their mischief just fades away. Here, we’ve gathered some amusing photographs of cats who think they’re superior to everyone else in the world. Cats who believe that they are superior to other beings.

As Terry Pratchett has hilariously described cats as ” Lords of Creation” He says in his book The Unadulterated Cat: “Humans, eh? Think they’re lords of creation. Not like us cats. We know we are. Have you ever seen a cat feed a human? Case proven!”

1. Seems like the cat is familiar with the term “puppy dog face"

2. At least it didn’t scatter all around

3. Leave me alone! This is a very comfortable place to sleep

4. Chill ain’t a big deal just the 124th piggy bank I’ve broken

5. Hooman! I never pee in the sink! Do you have any proof?

6. Trust me that tree fell on its own

7. It isn’t the cat’s fault that the rice cooker looks like a comfortable place to poop

8. Trust a kitten to look absolutely adorable even while pooping

9. This cat is a true representation of all of us the second we try to do something productive

10. That is a one-of-a-kind destructive duo

11. Wait those weren’t tiny pillows I could walk on?!

12. Finally got the chance to sleep in this seat! “It’s mine now”

Is your fluffy little companion a little bit of a diva in the house? You have a gorgeous little ball of mischief roaming around your house, don’t you? Cats are all unique living beings with their own purrsonalities. Some are very quiet, some tend to be extreme attention seekers, and others will ransack your home, climb your curtains, and generally get up to mischief and chaos. No matter how much damage and destruction they might bring to our belongings, at the end of the day when they come to demand warm cuddles from us in that entitled way of theirs, who can ever say no? Do you have any mischievous cat stories that you want to share?

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