24 Cats Who Fell In Love With Dogs And It Is The Cutest Thing Ever

24 Cats Who Fell In Love With Dogs And It Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Even the most compassionate among us can be put to the test when we are all living in the same house for an extended period of time. There is no wonder that tempers begin to fray when favorite chairs are already taken and food mysteriously disappears — and this is also for pets. If you are the owner of both a cat and a dog, there is a good chance that you are familiar with the horror that is leaving them in the same room together. In terms of predatory tendencies, cats and dogs are diametrically opposed, which can lead to them becoming mortal enemies at times.

They are actually well-known for their inability to get along. As a result, imagine the astonishment when some people began posting images of their cats and dogs getting along with one another. Isn’t it hard to visualize? Well. Some of these pet owners described the most amazing bond that they had witnessed between the two animals. Here we have collected a few pictures which perfectly portray that cats and dogs don’t always have to be enemies. Instead, they can actually get along really well.

1. That has got to be the most comfortable bed ever

2. Who says opposites don’t attract?

3. Talk about cuteness overload huh?

4. The dog’s stare says: “Nobody messes with my cat!”

5. Those cheek hugs are always the best!

6. This is now my fluffy dog!

7. This is such a precious moment

8. This is such a paw-fect bonding picture

9. Sundays are for cuddles

10. You and me, forever and always

11. Sit tight doggo. It’s time to get you cleaned

12. The greatest hugs are from your best companions

13. Personal space? What is that?

14. Excuse us. We are just cuddly sleepers

15. Who doesn’t like cuddles!?

16. This dog knows how to photobomb

17. This cat is mine. Mine

18. Can you actually believe that?

19. Aww! This picture is bound to make you feel happy

20. I am not a cat. I am a hat

21. Warmth, cuddles and hugs

22. Long talks and sea gazing. These are some serious friendship goals

23. This cat is really enjoying that fur

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