50 Scarily Cute Cats Showing Off Their ‘Murder Mittens’

50 Scarily Cute Cats Showing Off Their ‘Murder Mittens’

We are so used to thinking our cats are adorable that we forget they’re actually descendants of big cats like lions and tigers, who are in fact very scary.

They are natural-born hunters and they have the body, muscle and other equipment just like their wild cousins.

And, one of the most lethal ‘weapons in your kitty’s hunting arsenal is their claws – or as some call them their ‘murder mittens’.

On Reddit at the moment there is a page called “Murder Mittens” where people post photos of the kitties showing off their scary but cute claws.

Scroll down to see some shockingly adorable snaps of scarily cute cats and let us know in the comments which one is your favorite.

1. Paws

2. I guess we’re not cuddling

3. Fear me hoomans

4. Mr Bob showing off his weaponry while having a stretch!

5. Smol floofy murder mitts

6. Give me a hug, I promise it won’t hurt

7. Yoshi, the panther

8. I thought she looked familiar…

9. As I was leaving work my co-workers told me I had a cat in my truck’s engine bay. Meet Fjord The Mighty Huntress

10. Nap time with mittens

11. Mittens and tufts

12. Very unique

13. Testing out my claws

14. Baby Bella’s lunchtime. One months old and rescued from the trash. Direct descendant from Toothless

15. Murderwebs

16. Like a godly hand

17. Stretching the mittens

18. Look at that attitude, how adorable and fear at the same time

19. Illegally tiny and adorable murder mittens

20. Someone’s ready for dinner

21. Presenting a solo murder mitten

22. Gizmo’s 18 year old grandpa nap mittens

23. When the murder mittens aren’t enough

24. Discovering her deadly mittens

25. Meet Uno. He’s basically a Bond villain

26. Izzy just discovered that she’s a cat

27. The smallest murder feets

28. What a tiny paw, with claw

29. Don’t mess with the mother

30. Lucipurr

31. Epic mitts

32. Bebe Precioso

33. Murder mittens and a tooth for good measure

34. He sees you when you’re sleeping he knows when you’re awake…

35. Don’t mess with me

36. Good morning murder mittens

37. Press on the beans and you get the means

38. Hungry murder

39. Very Smol

40. Teeniest murder mittens

41. Holding pause with a side of claws

42. My favourite baby photo

43. I’m gonna get ya

44. I couldn’t help myself, I had to poke the beans

45. Day old murder mittens

46. This one is mine

47. Graybeard, he let me spoil him for 12 years – it was a privilege

48. Ready to strike

49. Lil’ Murderer

50. I’m scary

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