Adorable Two-Legged Kitten Hops Her Way Into Her Forever Home

Adorable Two-Legged Kitten Hops Her Way Into Her Forever Home

“Duck” is a little tabby kitten with a big personality and an even bigger zest for life.

The unusual-looking kitten lost her front legs after a sustaining a terrible injury; she was found with both legs irreparably mangled and was rushed to a vet clinic where her legs had to be amputated in order to save her life.

But despite losing her two front legs, Duck has never lost her drive or her love of life.

Duck lives in Florida together with her foster-family-turned-forever-family and couldn’t be happier.

According to Love Meow, Duck’s pet-parent has stated that they suspect that she sustained her injuries by snuggling up inside the engine bay of a car, though nobody can be sure what really happened.

After being taken to the clinic and going through surgery, she was placed in a foster home to give her time to heal, recover, and get used to her new way of life while receiving droves of love and affection.

Though it was only supposed to be a temporary placement, Duck had soon charmed the entire family and cemented her place as a permanent family member.

Despite her terrible accident and tragic loss of limb, Duck seemed happy and filled with energy and her happiness rubbed off on everyone in the house.

Duck quickly adapted to her new life and never seemed to mourn what could have been.

Instead, she met every new challenge with positivity and determination and soon learned how to get around the house on her own by using her hind legs and her tail.

The family offered Duck a kitty-wheelchair, but she was never a fan of it.

The little kitty prefers the mobility that she’s been able to achieve by walking on her hind legs and using her tail for balance.

As soon as she cracked the code of how to best use her back legs and tail, she began exploring the house and rushing back and forth across the floor.

She’s been able to reach incredible speeds and is now zooming around the house and the yard all day.

Apart from her humans, Duck’s new family also includes another cat, three pups and six hens.

Though you would think that Duck would relate the most to either her fellow kitty sibling or her fellow two-legged avian sisters, she’s actually most drawn to the pups of the family.

Their joy of life, unconditional love for their family, and constant longing for fun and adventure simply match Duck’s personality perfectly.

She loves hanging out with them, following them around, and observing their behaviour to learn new things.

Little Duck is lucky to have such a big and loving family, and they’re more than lucky to have such a bright and affectionate family member who always makes them smile and laugh.

Duck may have lost her legs, but she’s never lost her spark.

This little kitty is a true inspiration and we’re so happy that she’s found a family who loves and appreciates everything about her.

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