Meet Pixel & Sophie: A Goofy Pair Of Cornish Rex Kitty Cats

Meet Pixel & Sophie: A Goofy Pair Of Cornish Rex Kitty Cats

I’ve been fortunate to meet lots of cats in my days as a bonafide cat lover, and one of the most intriguing cat breeds I’ve ever had the chance to meet in real life was a Cornish Rex. With a petite frame, narrow face, and bat-like ears that you can’t help but adore, the Cornish Rex is a breed of cat like no other.

Loving, playful, and totally friendly, the Cornish Rex is a cat breed that is extremely slender, with noticeably large ears, a ballerina’s frame, and a skinny tail that seems to go on forever. The body of the Cornish Rex is almost like the Whippet of the dog world. These active kitties maintain their kitten persona throughout much of their life and do best in homes where they will receive lots of attention. So, it seems that Pixel and Sophie are in the perfect environment where they receive boatloads of desired attention at home—and online!

For Pixel (black) and Sophie (white), this lovely pair of felines out of Green Bay, Wisconsin is busy stealing hearts on the internet. These purrfectly photogenic head-turners have amassed an impressive following on social media, and after looking at their images, it’s easy to see why. If you’ve ever had to opportunity to meet a Cornish Rex before, I assure you that Pixel and Sophie are delightfully goofy with their silly cat antics and true to their breed. And, I’m pretty sure you’ll think they’re as cute as can be.

How did you choose their names?

When I decided to get a Cornish Rex, I was initially on the waiting list for a girl, and my daughter who was 4 at the time wanted to name her “Pixie.” It turned out that a boy became available and I fell absolutely in love with him, so we just changed the name to “Pixel.” Once we brought him home we knew we wanted another Cornish Rex, so we ended up getting our girl later, and again I deferred to my daughter to name her. She chose “Sophie.” 

How do they get along with one another?

Pixel & Sophie get along fairly well most of the time, although a few sibling rivalries come into play when they both want to be in my lap or if they both want the same toy. Luckily, they usually work their differences out quickly, many times with Sophie being the victorious party. 

How would you describe each of their personalities?

Pixel is very clownish and inquisitive and always has to be at the center of everything. Sophie is more laid back and has a quieter personality, although she will be very demanding at times when she decides that she wants to be held and petted!

What are their favorite hobbies?

One of Pixel’s favorite things to do is play fetch. He will go after his toy mice for ages if I keep throwing them. Sophie, more than anything, loves to lie in a sunny window to bird-watch. I think she is convinced that she would be a mighty hunter if she had the chance!

What’s something special you’d like for people to know about Pixel and Sophie?

I always wish that our photos and videos could convey just how very sweet Pixel and Sophie are. My daughter is on the autism spectrum and there are no words for the amount of comfort that they bring her on a daily basis. We feel very fortunate to have such sweet, gentle kitties as part of our family. 

I’d like to give a very special “thank you” to Pixel and Sophie’s cat mom, Alyson K., for allowing me to share her precious kitties with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. For more on this purrfectly goofy pair, be sure to check out their Instagram and TikTok accounts.

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