Rescue Kitten Went Crazy For Her Very First Puppuccino Ever

Rescue Kitten Went Crazy For Her Very First Puppuccino Ever

Recently, an animal rescue organization named Foster the Furbabies has shared a short yet hilarious clip on their TikTok account and delighted more than 13 million people with it. In the clip, you can see how a tiny little black kitten named Meredith was messing up with a Starbucks drink and just didn’t seem to get enough.

Meredith and her siblings were orphaned kittens rescued in New Jersey, USA with the help of Foster the Furbabies. That day, the rescuers found them soaking wet in the rain, and seriously ill.


At the time of rescue, the 3-week-old kittens were suffering upper respiratory infections, eye infections and parasites. Right after the cats were found, they were immediately treated and taken to the shelter for better health care.


Her siblings’ situation was optimistic, but they couldn’t say the same about Meredith’s eye issues. It took a lot of vet visits for the little kitten to be finally cleared for adoption. Even though, some slight vision impairment would be unavoidable.


The organization of course was blithe that she was healed, but separating had never been easy.


So, to congratulate Meredith on her recovery and officially say goodbye before she was brought to a new home, the rescuers decided to take her out for the very first Starbucks run ever.


Knowing that the kitten had always been excited about food, they hoped that it would be the perfect farewell gift for her. And Meredith did not let anyone down. She enjoyed her Puppuccino, a lot.


Puppuccino is a special option that only appears on the menu of some Starbucks stores in Japan and the US. It’s just basically a small cup of whipped cream, but no dog or cat can resist its charm. And Meredith was no exception.

The cute kitten fell in love with the drink almost right away. Her face was covered in cream within a few seconds, but Meredith didn’t mind at all. She comfortably savored the drink in her own way. Everyone around couldn’t help laughing at the adorable cat.


After Foster the Furbabies posted the video on their Instagram account, Meredith drew huge attention over the internet. Some people even showed concern about giving dairy to such a young babe, but the organization claimed that they did refer to related studies before making that decision. And the amount of dairy that Meredith consumed was obviously not worth worrying about, since most of the cream happened to end up on her body instead.

A few days later, Meredith was taken to her forever home. She is now living healthily and is spoiled with all the treats she loves, alongside cat siblings whom she likes to hang out with. The rescuers, of course, are all happy for Meredith. Although Meredith no longer stays with them in the shelter, her sweet video will always remind them of her.



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