The Cat And Lizard Who Were Loners, Until They Met One Another

The Cat And Lizard Who Were Loners, Until They Met One Another

A grumpy cat and lizard, who weren’t fans of any other living creatures, met each other and changed their lives forever. These are Din Din the cat, and Joanna the bearded dragon.

Din Din had never gotten along with any other animals, but that changed when she met the cutest bearded dragon, who just so happened to hate everyone around her too.

“I adopted Din Din about four years ago and then I adopted Joanna about 8 months ago,” said Kimi Joyner.

Din Din was abused when she was a kitten, and couldn’t find a permanent home because she wasn’t friendly. But, Kimi saw something special in her and decided to take a chance on her. For the first time ever, Din Din felt loved by a human mom.

He accepted love from her, but not anyone else.

Joanna also came from a sad past. She was rescued from a neglectful situation. As a result, she became aggressive towards others.

Kimi rescued her and brought her home. But, she certainly didn’t expect Din Din to have the slightest interest in interacting with this new addition to the family.
Something truly unique and special happened

They were curious about one another. But, never aggressive towards each other. After a while, they connected very well.

“They’ve loved each other since. They have both always hated other animals but now they follow each other, nuzzle and sleep together,” said Kimi.

The two unlikely buddies have definitely become BFFs. Din Din follows her hairless buddy around the house and they love to cuddle together when they nap.

Din Din stays right outside Joanna’s enclosure, if she’s inside. Din Din has adopted the role of being her bodyguard.

“They also chase each other like tag but never show aggression. When one sees the other they run towards them very excited,” said Kimi.

Since their meeting, Joanna has become more relaxed, friendly, playful, and cheerful. A totally different animal, to say the least. She’s continuously showing affection with her human mom and kitty friend.

For Din Din, it’s a little bit of a different situation. He loves her mom and her lizard friend, but is still not of fan of any other people/animals. Joanna is helping Din Din in the trust department, though

All in all, the BFFs have changed each other to be better and happier.

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